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Individual Coaching

Personal growth is the key to growth and success in many other aspects of life. Even professional, relational, and business success are empowered and enhanced by personal growth. As an adult, no one is more responsible for and should have more control over your personal growth than you. Individual coaching can help you achieve new levels of personal growth and success. Individual coaching with Josh can help you with accountability, gaining different perspectives, goal-setting, increasing self-awareness, identifying personal and relational blind spots, developing innovative strategies, validation, and encouragement. Help in these areas and others can empower you to reach your goals and new levels of growth and success.

Marriage Coaching

Marriage is about having and maintaining an intimate and enriching connection with your spouse. There are many things required for building and maintaining this connection. Although every marriage is unique, here are some general qualities that can help cultivate a healthy marriage connection: clear communication, honor, respect, boundaries, reciprocity, forgiveness, accountability, and emotional care. Marriage coaching with Josh can help you and your spouse better understand your marriage and implement strategies for growing and maintaining a healthy marriage.


Happy Family

Family Coaching

The family is one of the most important, valuable, and enduring human systems. Healthy families are foundational to every healthy society. Being a good family leader is one of the most challenging and rewarding leadership roles. Being a competent parent does not imply knowing everything necessary for raising a child, but rather it is about demonstrating consistent care and compassion towards the family and having an openness to addressing personal and family issues. Good parenting requires skill, dedication and a commitment to growth. Family coaching with Josh can help you and your family understand and grow in areas such as love, respect, honor, discipline, roles, compassion, conflict resolution, forgiveness, structure, leadership, and teamwork. Each of these components, when implemented appropriately, help create an atmosphere in which a family can grow and thrive.


Men's Group

Joshua is inviting all men to join our Christian Men's Growth Group.

Sessions will provide a safe space where men can connect, encourage, and empower one another to grow and lead in the areas of Spirituality, Relationships, Emotional Wellness, and Leadership. 

Click Here for More Information 

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Joshua speaks to schools and organizations. He brings his diverse professional background and experience to bear in his talks. His experiences include being a military sergeant, a licensed professional counselor, a law enforcement professional, and an award-winning

mentor. Joshua’s talks are inspiring and interactive. So get ready to be encouraged, empowered, and challenged!

Speaking topics include: mental health, the honor principle, understanding and interacting with law enforcement, personal growth, social-emotional intelligence, character development, and spiritual wellness.

Interested in any of the services or want more information? Please send us your questions and inquiries through the form below. You can also reach us at via e-mail at or phone (708)433-9685.

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