• Joshua Morris

You are not in trouble...

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Remember when you become born-again, you are first a baby-in-Christ. Then you may progress to a child-in-Christ, and then with intentionality you can progress to becoming an adult Christian. This progress is more a function of knowledge and application, than time. Someone can be a “baby Christian” for 25 years, while another can reach adulthood in 5 years.

The Christian growth process is more about practice and progress than perfection. Remember inherent to practice is failure and mistakes. No one considers a doctor who “practices” medicine a failure, and no one expects him/her to never make a mistake or fail. That’s what malpractice insurance is for, and God has the best malpractice insurance for us - Jesus Christ!

I want to encourage you that no matter your failures or step-backs keep seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness. You may have to take a break, but never give up and never quit. Don’t give up on God, because He won’t give up on you. He’s able.

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