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Everybody Needs a Coach

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Do you know what Micheal Jordan, Babe Ruth, Jerry Rice, Micheal Phelps, Wayne Gretzky, and Tiger Woods all have in common besides being the G.O.A.T.s of their sport? They all had coaches who helped them on their paths to greatness.

In Jordan’s early years of playing for the Chicago Bulls he hired Tim Grover to be his strength and conditioning coach to help him take his game to a higher level. During the Olympics, Jordan even sought advise from the famous Duke basketball coach “Coach K“ to improve his skills.

Think about it, the greatest and most gifted athletes in the world need coaching to help them secure the ultimate prize and ultimate levels of success in their sports. If that be the case and it is, than it is highly likely and reasonable that the rest of us also need coaching to reach our highest goals and levels of achievement.

Everyone needs coaching. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have natural coaches in our lives such as a parent, a grandparent, an uncle or aunt, a pastor, or caregiver. Yet many times we would benefit from strategic coaching; that is when we seek out and intentionally build coaching relationships to help us accomplish goals. This is very powerful. Most successful people have benefited from natural coaching and/or strategic coaching.

Coaching can provide a number of benefits such as:

Establishing goals, encouragement, accountability, helps identify strengths and development opportunities, affirmation, helps improve performance, motivation , empowerment, feedback, deeper level learning, increase personal awareness, increase perspective, and learning new strategies.

Humans are by far the most valuable creation on earth. And of all the humans on earth the one you have most control over is you. If this is true than the most important investment you can make is in yourself. And investing in life coaching is investing in yourself. There is no better investment you could make.

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