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The Wilderness Experience

God sends us through the wilderness to strip us of harmful relationships, erroneous beliefs, and bad character. It is the time when He seeks to build an intimate father-child relationship with us. During

this season, He seeks to develop in us a deep loyalty to Him and a commitment to obey His laws. After this process is complete, He opens up ours lives to purpose, power, and promotion. Now we will have the discipline and character needed to manage and maintain the power and honor He gives.

Many Christians get stuck or die in the wilderness because they refuse to allow the wilderness process to be completed in them. We prolong the wilderness process when we refused to develop Christian character and the fruit of the Spirit. Christian character and the fruit of the Spirit are the containers in which God likes to pour His purpose, power, and prosperity. The more we develop these containers the more God can pour in us.

God is not like the lottery or casino. He does not randomly give large amounts of power and prosperity to individuals who have no wisdom or knowledge of how to manage their winnings. God instead tests and proves us first. This is done in the wilderness (this happened to the children of Israel and Jesus). The purpose of the wilderness experience is personal growth and to build resilience. So get on with the process and soon you too will become a carrier of His purpose, power, and prosperity.

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