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God & the Family

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Connect with God and He will bless you with things money can’t buy (and things money can buy too, but you will have to endure some persecution). However, it is still worth it to connect with God. No force or power is greater than He. He is also the greatest Rewarder that I have found. I connected with God by His love and grace, and he has blessed me with a wonderful family. A dream I had long given up on. Thank you Jesus.🙏🏾

I want to encourage you to do what it takes to keep moving your family forward in righteousness and truth, and watch God increase the grace and peace in your life and those connected to you. Keep reading...

The family is the first human social organization God established. He is the originator of the family. The family is still one of the most important, valuable, and enduring human organizations. Healthy families are foundational to every healthy society.

Without God’s wisdom and favor we can never start or develop family systems successfully.

I have found it most helpful to seek guidance from the Creator of the family organization, that is God, as I strive to cultivate a healthy family organization.

If you are a family leader and you need assistance guiding your family, pray and ask God to help you. Read the Bible (Proverbs and Ephesians will be particularly helpful for structuring and guiding family life). He loves to help those who recognize His authority and seek Him for his wisdom.

If you desire prayer or coaching in this area, feel free to contact me. If this blog has been helpful to you, please like and/or comment below. Your response is appreciated.

Blessings from your Christian Life Coach,


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