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Fruit is Proof of Faith

Faith is an invisible, spiritual force. It can be counterfeited. However fruit is tangible, fact-based evidence. In Matthew 7:16a Jesus says, “You can identify people by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.” Notice He did not say by their faith, because people can fake faith. But results... well it doesn’t get more real than that. Check the produce, before you buy.

Remember, it takes time to produce ripe, edible fruit. The time between the seed of faith and harvest of fruit requires patient endurance. Jesus teaches that those who endure til the end will receive salvation (Mat 24:13).

So you might ask what do I do in the in-between time Josh? Build hope, love, godly character, and a resume of good works. In the Bible, Joseph had an outstanding resume of good works at the time he was appointed second-in-command of Egypt.

I want to encourage to don’t give up in the middle. Spiritual seeds that are allowed to grow will produce a real (3D) harvest over time (Heb 6:12). Let go!!

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