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Christian Men's Growth Group

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Joshua is inviting all men to join our Christian Men's Growth Group. Sessions will provide a safe space where men can connect, encourage, and empower one another to grow and lead in the areas of Spirituality, Relationships, Emotional Wellness, and Leadership. The objective is to guide men into becoming high performers in these areas. Empowering them to be examples and guides for others in their sphere of influence. Participants will be provided with a basic framework for personal growth. Participants will also receive feedback on their topic related questions and comments.

What to Expect

Participation Requirements


Donations are highly recommended. The research is clear when people pay for things they value them more.  We want to make this group accessible to men from every socioeconomic class. We ask that you give what you can, and what you want to give. All donations are appreciated no matter the size. 

**Please note: The fee is subject to change. 


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