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Joshua Morris  

Joshua is a licensed professional counselor, a certified Christian life coach, and speaker. His background experience includes being a law enforcement professional, juvenile specialist, military veteran, and an award-winning mentor. Through his work, he passionately empowers people to achieve new levels of personal and relational growth. His areas of experience include anxiety, depression, trauma, self-harm, disruptive behaviors, spirituality, personal growth, character development, marriage and family issues, and parenting.


Additionally, Josh speaks at schools and organizations. He brings his diverse professional background and experience to bear in his talks. Joshua's talks are inspiring and interactive. So get ready to be encouraged, get ready to be empowered, and get ready to be challenged!

Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and children, fitness training, mentoring, movies, and reading.


To empower and encourage others in their spiritual, personal, and relational growth, through speaking, writing, coaching, and counseling.

I believe humans are by far the most complex and sophisticated beings on earth. I believe we need empowering, innovative approaches to human growth and development.  I believe we need to do more in the areas of prevention and growth when it comes to mental health. Twenty years ago we knew that the brain was a physically unchangeable organ. Through neuroscience, today we know that the brain’s physical structure can be changed through meditation (neuroplasticity). As history has repeatedly shown us, I believe no human knowledge is perfect or absolute, and whatever we think we know today may be proven false in twenty years. I believe that all things are possible and that we should never allow what is to determine what can be. I believe it is important to question the status quo and ask “why” and “why not.” As Einstein did with his learning disability, as Judge Sandra Day O’Connor did with her sex, as Dr. Martin Luther King did with his skin color,  and as Nelson Mandela did with apartheid, I believe a person can overcome any negative condition, experience, circumstance, or system if he/she believes it is possible. I believe no one has to be limited to the thinking, words, facts, or experiences of others. After all, most people don't believe in the impossible until someone else does it.


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