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Empowering Podcast

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The Coach Up Podcast provides listeners with spiritual education, empowerment, and encouragement. You will be given informative and insightful spiritual perspectives and strategies that will assist you in manifesting your highest potential and greatest purposes. 


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Superior Coaching

Are you challenged with family life, marriage, parenting, low self-esteem, or lack of direction? Hoping to create positive change? Are you looking for someone who understands spiritually or personal growth? If the answer is yes, I’m really glad you’re here. Joshua has helped many families, couples, and individuals overcome in these areas.


Are you looking to increase your spiritual awareness, understanding, or growth? Are you confused by what you have been taught in church? Do you believe in God but not organized religion? Are you searching for a fresh and innovated approach to spirituality? If you answered yes, then I want to meet you and hear your questions. I am certified Christian life coach who thinks outside of the religious box but yet inside of the Bible.

Spiritual Growth

> bible based teachings.

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